Now with two campuses

The DCHS education is now accessible from two campuses. Davao Christian currently serves the learning needs of about 2900 pre-school, elementary, and high school students in both the V. Mapa and C. P. Garcia campuses. Most of these students are of Filipino or Chinese descent but the school accepts students of other nationalities as well.


The V. Mapa Campus, located at the convenience of downtown Davao City, has been familiar to parents and students for the past 25 years and comes complete with a school auditorium, an audio-visual room, a covered court, two libraries, several computer and science laboratories, and H.E. Rooms as well.

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The new CPG Campus, completed just last 2015 offers a quiet and spacious learning atmosphere with a green landscape and an overlooking view of Davao City. There are larger air-conditioned classrooms, a wider playground, and a bigger parking area.

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Vision and Mission

Davao Christian High School envisions herself to be a premiere educational institution that produces God-fearing and dynamic leaders.

The mission of the school is to provide a well-rounded Christian education to develop students to become responsible and useful citizens imbued with high Christian ideals.

School Emphases

Cultivating character and competence

Davao Christian High School is known and trusted for its brand of quality education. Our ABC’s of Academic Excellence, Basic Chinese, and Christian Values are the defining and principal pillars of our school. Students are taught and encouraged to learn in different subject areas helpful for further studies and for life. The students’ performance in national standardized exams, university admission tests, and interschool competitions put Davao Christian High School among the top schools in the area. Learning an extra language helps.

Students are exposed to basic Chinese (Mandarin), the language of a billion people. They also get to understand another culture better. The school seeks to guide students to “Love God, love people; glorify God, edify people.” Christian values are thus integrated in subject lessons, taught in Christian Education classes and promoted in special school activities.

We are always on the lookout for individuals that share our passion to serve God by working in school.