School Campuses

The DCHS education is now accessible from two campuses. Davao Christian currently serves the learning needs of about 2900 pre-school, elementary, and high school students in both the V. Mapa and C. P. Garcia campuses. Most of these students are of Filipino or Chinese descent but the school accepts students of other nationalities as well.

V. Mapa Campus

The V. Mapa Campus, located at the convenience of downtown Davao City, has been familiar to parents and students for the past 25 years and comes complete with a school auditorium, an audio-visual room, a covered court, two libraries, several computer and science laboratories, and H.E. Rooms as well.

Bound inside a 1.1-hectare area along V. Mapa Street, the school consists of three buildings: a U-shaped building and annex hold preschool and grade school classrooms, various laboratories, an audio-visual room, and administrative offices; an auditorium with a 1300-person seating capacity; and an academic and athletic building which has high school classrooms on the first two floors and a basketball court on the top of the floor. All classrooms have recently been air-conditioned and come with audio-visual equipment. Situated and accessible to public transportation, this campus is suitable for students who live in the city proper.

The V. Mapa Campus currently accepts students for preschool, elementary, junior high school, and senior high school.

C. P. Garcia Campus

The new CPG Campus, completed just last 2015 offers a quiet and spacious learning atmosphere with a green landscape and an overlooking view of Davao City. There are larger air-conditioned classrooms, a wider playground, and a bigger parking area. It has facilities similar to the downtown campus – an auditorium, a basketball court, libraries, science and computer laboratories, and H.E. Rooms. This new campus is located along Diversion Road beside Monteriz (near Maa) and ideal for students living in the Maa, Matina, Talomo, Buhangin, and Cabantian area.

The CPG Campus currently accepts students for preschool, elementary, and junior high school.

Whichever campus you choose, you can be assured of the quality education that DCHS always to provide to her students.

To apply to be a student in DCHS or to learn more about the campuses, please click the links below.