Sky High

Sky High is the official publication of Davao Christian High School – C. P. Garcia Campus. The organization is exclusive for Junior High School (Grade 7-10) students who aim to deliver news regarding local and international events. This group’s main purpose is to share information about school events or projects. This organization allows the students to have a voice on an issue that affects both the students and the school’s administration. Therefore, the members of the group must have ample knowledge of journalistic writing, and editing software.

The organization aims to:

  • Create a publication comprised of their articles, drawing, and photos;
  • Improve the usage of language in expressing opinions; and
  • Have a sense of unity and teamwork in cooperating with others.

For an aspiring editor to be qualified, he/she must have:

  • Be in Grade 8-9;
  • Not run for office in any other club or school organization if elected into office (although he/she may serve as class officer);
  • Have no grade below 80 in any subject throughout his/her tenure;
  • Have residency of at least one (1) school year in Davao Christian High School immediately prior to the start of the term of office; and
  • Have no record of any major and grave offense.

For an aspiring officer to be qualified, he/she must have:

  • Undergone examination as the basis of selection by the moderator, and
  • No failing grades in any subject throughout his/her tenure.

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