Student Affairs

Davao Christian High School supports the co-curricular and extra-curricular programs in order to contribute to a balanced formation and development of students’ education. The different student organizations offer the students opportunities to test, to discover various applications of different concepts and ideas, and to practice skills that have been taught in the classroom. The students are therefore encouraged to expose themselves to diverse stages of educational experience and a lot of basic knowledge with regard to their personal likes, dislikes, and aptitudes through interactions with other students, faculty, and administrators. At the same time, students who participate in these organizations are expected to maintain good academic standing. Hence, the school reserves the right to limit, exclude, or suspend a student’s participation in the organization if he/she needs to devote more time to his/her studies.

A student may only join one of the following organizations:

Student Council

This is composed of student leaders elected from the student body. They are given the opportunity to organize and coordinate co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. All such activities must have prior clearance from the school administration before implementation.

Sky High

This is the school’s official student publications run by the student under the supervision of faculty moderators. The purpose is to expose students in the field of journalism, literature, and photography besides updating the students and parents on important events in the school campus.


This is the school’s official yearbook prepared by the staff under the supervision of a faculty moderator.

One Team. One God.

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