Senior High School Department

Senior High School is the additional two years of education instated by the Philippines' K to 12 education program. In these additional two years students are free to specialize in strands which may better prepare them for their future pursuits. Currently, DCHS offers all four (4) pre-college academic tracks accredited by DepEd. Students may choose from either STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), ABM (Accountancy, Business, & Management), HUMSS (Humanities & Social Sciences), or GA (General Academic) to help equip themselves for their college degrees. Senior High is currently offered in the V. Mapa Campus.

To download the DCHS Senior High School Curriculum Overview, click here.

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM)

Choose STEM if you see yourself in the field of science, medicine, engineering, architecture or computers. You will get the opportunity to learn more Math, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics which will help propel you in your quest towards a life in science and technology.

Accountancy & Business Management

   Accountancy & Business Management (ABM)

If business or accountancy is your subject preference, then ABM is the strand to pick. This specialization exposes you to subjects like Accounting, Management, Economics, and Finance. ABM is the ideal pre-business and pre-entrepreneurship course.

Humanities & Social Sciences

   Humanities & Social Sciences (HUMSS)

HUMSS will prepare you the best if your ambition is to become a media person, lawyer, psychologist, educator or writer. In this pre-liberal arts specialization, you will learn about humanities, governance, social sciences, creative writing, and more.

General Academic

   General Academic (GA)

Undecided or desire to learn something from each strand? Take GA. This strand will give you a little of everything from STEM, ABM, and HUMSS. This is the ideal exposure for someone who wants a preview of all the different fields before deciding on a college specialization.

To apply for the DCHS Senior High School programme, please click the link below.