Student Council

The Student Council (SC) is composed of student leaders elected from the student body (Grades 4-12). They are given the opportunity to coordinate online co-curricular activities. All such activities must have prior clearance from school administration before implementation.


Zeus Morfiuss S. Go


Chloe Ella A. Uy

Vice President Internal

Maye Francine F. Cervo

Vice President External

Jannica Anne C. Blas


Jeff Joaquin D. Jao


Coleen Johanne B. Villamor


Chelsea Simone H. Teves

Business Manager

Ann Louise P. Yretarino

Grade 8 Representative

Gian Anthony S. Araral

Grade 7 Representative

Anya Mikael M. Yu

Elementary Representative

Contact Student Council

Twitter: @dchs.ssg

Instagram: @dchs.ssg