Tech Support

Technical support staff officers have an important role within the IT department and perform a variety of job functions most specially in this time of Online Distance Learning. 

The actual role of the IT department in school is mainly to provide technical support to users, both the students and teachers, and provide a strong technology infrastructure (network, hardware, and software) for them to connect, interact and perform their daily functions.

They troubleshoot technical issues and provide timely customer feedback.

Technical Support Officers

Google Classroom Tutorial

Google Classroom Tutorial

Hey, hey, hey! You may now visit your Google Classroom!Watch this video to help you login. 😄Students, your accounts have been sent to your parent's School Communications e-mail.If you have not received an e-mail by August 1 (Saturday), you may send us a message, e-mail

Posted by Davao Christian High School, V. Mapa Campus - DCHS V. MAPA on Friday, July 31, 2020

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